Friday, 4 March 2016

Not These James Beavers

If you Google James Beaver you will find some interesting Beavers but THESE are NOT my James Beaver!

"A painter, carver, carpenter, and performer, this James Beaver was a wanderer in the late 19th, early 20th century. Named for Beavers Corners at Six Nations, James came to be known as “Uncle Beaver”, “Chief Beaver”, and “The Indian Juggler”, so-called for his love of juggling. James travelled from place to place, painting pictures, panels for cabinets, murals for walls, and scenery for plays in exchange for room and board or train fare to his next destination."

(I do like the name "Uncle Beaver" and may use this for my James in future)

Of course this is also NOT my James Beaver:

James A. Beaver, chairman of the Board of Trustees 1874-82, 1898-1914.

My James Beaver is not long dead, not that kind of trustee and he is James B. Beaver.  

And finally this guy is deffo not my James Beaver, as he is not even called James Beaver but...

James Jesse Strang, He was known as King of Beaver Island

The King of Beaver Island has a nice ring to it though...hmmm...

If you've forgot what my James Beaver looks like, here you go:

Happy James Beaver Friday, folks!

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