Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Meet the Beavers

If you have been following along on this homage voyage for James Beaver you may wonder where he came from?, what bloodline?, what stock?...well if you have been wondering, wonder no more, as I now present:

Meet the parents:

Edgar Ichabod Beaver was born  to a large family of housebuilding Beavers.  He was unfortunate to not share the Beaver family carpentry skills, nor did he share their beautiful big teeth.  In fact he didn't resemble one single family member, leading his mother to declare that he had been left by the fairies.  Though wingless, poor Eddie believed her and spent hist first 20 years in search of his fairy family. Eventually he gave up when he found a pair of bongos in some tall grass.  

After only a little practice he began playing on street corners, a true bongo aficionado.  Before he knew what was happening he'd been adopted by a group of poetry-reading, finger snapping beatniks.  

Life was grand for a while, but eventually Eddie got too wired from all the little cups of caffeine and burnt all his hair off ironing it and had to give up the coffee houses and the beatnik life

With no family, no trade, and his only possession a couplet of bongos, Eddie decided all he could do was to become a professor of existentialist music. After perfecting his new professorial look with a dashing olive green checked sport coat with leather patches on the elbows and a pair of heavy black glasses he exited the five and dime and ran headlong into the loveliest girl he'd ever seen.  He was so flabbergasted, he nearly dropped his bongos into the gutter.

Ermagerd Velma Castor stood before him as radiant as an aluminium star on on a silver tinsel Xmas tree.                                                                                                                      

With her auburn hair and impeccable white bobby socks, Edgar could hardly stand the glamour and had to avert his eyes.  She was truly the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen and he had fallen straight into a bucket of sticky true love. He dropped to one knee and pledged his undying love for the creature and begged her to marry him. While surprised, Ermagerd (who secretly feared being an old spinster maid), hitched her star to Edgar's wagon and immediately agreed. They soon wed.

Life was blissful in the early 1960s for the couple as Ermagerd emulated the first lady, Jackie Kennedy and Edgar practised his bongos and making the perfect Martini. The only tragedy occurred when he accidentally spilled some on their new comforter. Eventually one thing led to another and the stork delivered them a bouncing baby boy one cold December day that they named James.

And that is the real and truly true story of how this Beaver boy came to be.

Have a wicked Wednesday, Beaver fans!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Catwalk Beaver

When you make James a gift (and it kind of doesn't matter what it is) he will model it, just as he did when I made him an over large infinity scarf---like so:

He's got Betty Davis eyes

Avert your eyes

Got his eyes on the prize

Eye yi yi!

And eventually, it will end up n his head, after all, anything can be a hat.

You will find this theme emerging as you follow the blog 

...and the use of the word pshaw, this too will form a thematic element

just keep repeating

anything can be a hat
anything can be a hat
anything can be a hat
anything can be a hat
anything can be a hat
anything can be a hat
anything can be a hat

Happy anything can be a hat Tuesday!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Through Beaver's Keyhole

Who lives in a house like this?

I will give you one guess and while you are thinking about that, have a look at the rest of the place (by following the link below) for a taste of his amazing design...

Give up?

Of course, it's James Beaver sporting an African mask (who else would it be, this is his blog after all)! 

And who are the adorable little girls in the background, you ask? Why those are Fiona and Sophie, the ladies of the house! Here they are:

Later taters!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Working that Beaver

Here is James on a commercial shoot involving barbie dolls and their interiors

He just loves a good faceswap

Until the next time!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Back to the Beginning

Thought it might be a good idea to remember James Beaver back in the day (he's the one in the middle, pshaw, that was a while back!)

Sunday, 6 March 2016

James in action

James is an art director for commercials, events and films so in his line of work he has do, find and take care of all manner of things.

This week he sent e a short clip of him wrangling Hermit crabs for one of his gigs:
"James went all the way to Tampa and all he got was the crabs.""

I thought you would want to see him in person so I have included the little clip so you can see the tiniest atom of the Beaver charm

It inspired me to do a little collage of himself as a hermit crab:
Happy Beaver Sundae!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Someone's in the kitchen with Beaver

James always chooses the perfect outfit for every little thing he does

Today he is considering experimenting on some sweet baking, as he just found out about an ingredient, castoreum, in place of vanilla that he should have no problem locating.

It's something that comes from a beaver (this kind):


Happy Saturday folks!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Not These James Beavers

If you Google James Beaver you will find some interesting Beavers but THESE are NOT my James Beaver!

"A painter, carver, carpenter, and performer, this James Beaver was a wanderer in the late 19th, early 20th century. Named for Beavers Corners at Six Nations, James came to be known as “Uncle Beaver”, “Chief Beaver”, and “The Indian Juggler”, so-called for his love of juggling. James travelled from place to place, painting pictures, panels for cabinets, murals for walls, and scenery for plays in exchange for room and board or train fare to his next destination."

(I do like the name "Uncle Beaver" and may use this for my James in future)

Of course this is also NOT my James Beaver:

James A. Beaver, chairman of the Board of Trustees 1874-82, 1898-1914.

My James Beaver is not long dead, not that kind of trustee and he is James B. Beaver.  

And finally this guy is deffo not my James Beaver, as he is not even called James Beaver but...

James Jesse Strang, He was known as King of Beaver Island

The King of Beaver Island has a nice ring to it though...hmmm...

If you've forgot what my James Beaver looks like, here you go:

Happy James Beaver Friday, folks!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

This is James...

Is it?  Really?

Is this James?

No? who's this then?

Of course it's James Beaver

Come back next time to see more random images of James Beaver

It will always be interesting I promise!